About us


Our history

Our shop Josef Machhaus at the market square in Bopppard is one of the oldest still familiy owned businesses in the Middle Rhine valley.

Since 2007 the business is run by Rocio Machhaus-Firnkes in the seventh Generation, officially registered as Geschenke & Wein am Markt GmbH.

Everything began around 1880 with a typical grocery store and the products of the time like hand made baskets, candles, knifes and more. From 1950 onwards, with the German "Wirtschaftswunder" the business' products changed to more sophisticated household goods like porcellain, glassware, tableware and devotional objects (the building is situated at the market square in Boppard opposite the Basilica St. Severus).

With increasing international travel in the 60s and 70s and more and more international visitors arriving in Germany the range of products shifted to gift items "Made in Germany" like black forest cuckoo clocks, beersteins, Hummel figurines, wood carvings from the ore mountains (Erzgebirge), crystal glass from Nachtmann, Steiff teddy bears and many more.

Due to our long lasting relationships with our suppliers we are able to guarantie best service and quality for our customers. Our strength is our broad range of products from Germany.